About the blog

Welcome to Dark Hearted Women!

If you like history and you’re intrigued with crimes from the past, Dark Hearted Women is for you.

While researching and writing Wicked Women of Northeast Ohio, I collected many more stories than I could possibly use in any one book. My research turned up a cross section of the fairer sex who in some way or another got themselves involved in desperate deeds. I held on to these accounts, stuffed them away in a file. There they sat for over a year until I decided to share them on this blog.

You might call some of these women naughty. I am pretty sure some were downright evil. Some just made poor decisions. Others were calculating, cold to the core. Whatever their misdeeds were, these women took their places on the pages of American criminal history.

Among the group of dangerous damsels you’ll read about are murderesses, bank robbers, gangsters’ girlfriends, pick pockets, pirates, scam artists, thieves. You might find a gypsy, a fortuneteller or a witch among the lot.

You won’t find analysis here, though—just entertainment. I invite any comments you might have, and if you know of a dark-hearted woman from the past, tell me, so I can research her and add her to the list.

Thank you and happy reading!

Jane Ann Turzillo


One thought on “About the blog

  1. Linda Bieber says:

    Can’t believe Nannie Doss got away with all that for so long….will definitely read others when I have a chance. I have never read anyone’s blog before, I think I will enjoy yours. Hope the train book club goes well…..neat idea. Linda

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